Medium Hand Embroidered Word/Phrase


Medium Hand Embroidered Word/Phrase

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Hand embroidered word or saying on vintage up-cycled fabric in a vintage frame! The medium size fits one to three. See additional listings for larger sizes and amount of words. Any questions, please email


Our MEDIUM Hand Embroidered Phrase where YOU CHOOSE THE SAYING! Handmade in an up-cycled frame with re-purposed fabric! The medium size can accommodate one to three words. See our other sizes here.

  • Send us your saying
  • Some colors you’d like to have in the fabric (we will send you some fabrics to choose from)
  • Then tell us if you want a brass, silver, wood, black, or another frame. (Since everything is up-cycled, we can’t guarantee we’ll have exact colors of fabric and frame)

We love to make personalized hand embroidery which we love to call our ‘SALTY STITCHER’ series. All of our ‘Salty Stitcher’ personalized hand embroidered creations are handmade in up-cycled frames with re-purposed fabrics! We love to reuse and up-cycle!

Custom order here, or CLICK HERE to see our current inventory via our Facebook page. 

Here is some of our favorites we have created over the years that can help you make a decision on what to have hand embroidered… The bold ones are the best sellers!

  • Balls
  • BDE
  • Blergh!
  • But First Coffee
  • Carpe Diem and What Not
  • Crap
  • Dirty Cuss Word
  • Don’t Be A D*ck
  • Fan-Damn-Tastic
  • Fart
  • Females Are Strong As Hell
  • Follow Your Arrow
  • F*ck
  • F*ckidy F*ck
  • Fudge It
  • Gosh Darn Mommy Fudger
  • Hell
  • Hello, Gorgeous!
  • Holy F*ck
  • Holy Shitake Mushroom
  • Horse Sh*t
  • I Told You So
  • Inhale Tacos, Exhale Negativity
  • (Insert Eye Roll Here)
  • Kiss My A**
  • Ladies Is Pimps Too
  • No.
  • Nope
  • Not Today Satan
  • Okurrr
  • PIVOT!
  • Raise Hell
  • Remember, Mama Ru Loves You
  • Set The Bar Low
  • Sugar Honey Iced Tea
  • Sit Down, Be Humble
  • Tell Him, Boy Bye.
  • Tough Titties
  • Wake. Pray. Slay.
  • Well, F*ck
  • Well, La-Di-Fricken-Da
  • Women Up
  • Work Hard, Be Nice
  • You Better Work B*tch
  • YQY

We are ALWAYS looking for new ideas, words, sayings, ideas, etc. when it comes to our hand embroidered inventory. Shoot us an email or DM on Instagram all your ideas!

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in


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